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Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer –Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer –

Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer Program at Istanbul Aydin University is a very interesting and useful activity. This activity is a great opportunity for participants from various countries, Indonesia itself is the most participant in this activity reaching 28 people then secondly there are from Pakistan which totaled 22 people, besides that many from other countries take part in various academic courses and tours in the Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer Program at Istanbul Aydin University.

Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer Program lasted for two weeks from 22 July to 5 August 2023 at Istanbul Aydin University, which seemed to provide an interesting experience for the participants. We are provided with lodging facilities near the university as well as a pick-up service from the airport which is helpful and convenient for participants who come from various countries.

With a duration of two weeks, participants have enough time to engage in academic courses, tours, and also to establish social relations with participants from all over the world. This provides an opportunity to learn more about local culture, explore historical sites, and gain a deeper understanding of student life in Istanbul.

Engaging in this kind of activity not only impacts academic knowledge, but also helps to develop social skills, make friends from different countries, and broaden the world view. All of these experiences will provide unforgettable memories and increase motivation in education.

The Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer Program at Istanbul Aydin University seems to be a fantastic opportunity for personal and academic growth, as well as to enjoy the cultural and historical charm of the city of Istanbul. This Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer Program seems to offer a lot of experience and in Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer Program there is learning in various fields, such as medical science, management, and law, and we also get knowledge from explanations about the history of istanbul in the tour.

In the medical course there are two courses, namely neuroscience and genetics, taking a neuroscience course in Delightful Istanbul 2023 Summer Program provides valuable academic experience. Neuroscience involves the study of the nervous system, brain structure, cognitive function, and various other aspects of the human nervous system. Listening to knowledge from experts and gaining insight into how lecturers at Istanbul Aydin University deliver material will definitely provide a deeper understanding of this topic.

The experience of studying abroad, especially in a different environment from where you live, can provide new perspectives on education and teaching. I gained insight into different teaching methods, approaches to communicating material, and the way lecturers interact with students. All of this can enrich the way of understanding and applying knowledge in lectures.

Experiences like this are not only about academic material but also about the learning process there. Understanding different ways of teaching, interacting with international lecturers and peers, and experiencing education in a diverse environment are all part and parcel of this experience.

I enjoyed studying at Istanbul Aydin University and gained valuable insights from the neuroscience courses I took. We hope that this experience will continue to have a positive impact on your educational journey and personal development.

In addition, optional tours include visits to historic and recreational sites such as amusement parks and malls in Istanbul, adding entertainment and culture to the experience. Interacting with participants from various countries also opens up opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Overall, this kind of program not only enhances academic understanding but also opens windows to understand cultures, international friends, and experiences that may not be found in everyday settings. maybe that’s thank you very much.

Achmad Areef Widandi
Medical Student, Faculty Medicine Universitas Airlangga (FK UNAIR)