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21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals –21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals –

In response to the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, a visionary proposal has emerged, introducing the “21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals” summer school activity. This intensive learning platform seeks to equip participants, comprising both students and healthcare professionals, with a comprehensive skill set tailored to the demands of the modern healthcare environment. Going beyond traditional clinical skills, the program focuses on cultivating essential competencies such as digital literacy, cross-disciplinary collaboration, leadership, effective communication, and more. The primary aim is to prepare individuals to navigate the challenges of 21st-century healthcare by embracing new technologies and adopting holistic perspectives on biology, mental health, and social dynamics. The program’s special purposes include developing digital and technology literacy, improving patient-centered communication, enhancing psychological well-being and resilience, inspiring innovation and problem-solving, strengthening leadership and ethical decision-making, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration, increasing cultural and intercultural awareness, and encouraging participation in health policy and advocacy.

The transformative nature of this summer school activity is evident in the participant testimonials, which speak to a comprehensive learning experience encompassing technology immersion, cultural sensitivity, personal growth, and a profound shift in perspective. The hands-on experiences, including visits to academic hospitals and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, bridge the gap between theory and practice, revealing the immense potential at the intersection of innovation and patient care. Reflective sessions prompt participants to question not just the “how” of healthcare but also the “why,” fostering a deeper understanding of the values underpinning the profession. Beyond acquiring a well-rounded skill set, participants highlight the value of interdisciplinary collaboration, emphasizing patient-centered care, cultural sensitivity, digital literacy, effective communication, and leadership skills as crucial elements for success in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

As participants receive certificates during the closing ceremony, a profound sense of accomplishment is palpable. The program not only equips healthcare professionals for the challenges of the 21st-century healthcare landscape but also empowers them to be catalysts for positive change, innovation, and compassionate care. The benefits of this transformative experience extend beyond tangible proof of participation to include an enriched perspective, an expanded network, and a commitment to embody the principles and skills acquired. In conclusion, the “21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals” summer school activity emerges as a beacon of transformative learning, poised to create a positive ripple effect on the future of healthcare as participants step forward with a renewed sense of purpose.

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21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals, Utrecht University, Netherlands –21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals, Utrecht University, Netherlands –

Utrecht, Netherlands 14th July 2023. Four students from the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga (FK UNAIR), Audrey Florencia Theno, Aurelia Regina, Piru Kinar Lituhayu and Carissa Jane Marly left for the Utrecht University 21st Century Skills for Healthcare Professionals Summer School Programme in the Netherlands from the 3rd to the 14th of July 2023 and was a momentous event for the start of collaborations for both universities as the first batch of students to leave for exchange to Utrecht University from Universitas Airlangga. The students were part of the first batch of Indonesian students to Utrecht in the Summer of 2023.

Utrecht University is ranked the number one university in the Netherlands, and is one of the Netherlands longest standing universities with excellence noted in their fields of social, behavioral and health sciences. The students were given the opportunity to study and be able to understand more not just simply about healthcare but also how 21st century problems and situations affect and create healthcare problems around the world. There they were given the chance to visit various hospitals, labs and meet notable people in the fields of diabetes, acute and chronic pain management, motivational interviewing to even the fields of biological engineering.   

Upon finishing the program, Audrey expressed her utmost gratitude for the wonderful opportunity to learn in a class with other healthcare students from 18 different countries and get a better grasp on the understanding of healthcare issues and how culture affects it and the possibility of solutions to modern 21st century problems  in the world. Aurelia, another student on the programme has acknowledged the importance of thinking in a multi-disciplinary system on not just creating and finding solutions to problems, but also viewing it from different perspectives and understanding the basis and emphasis on different backgrounds and cultures and how it would affect on each person’s interpretation.   

With the positive feedback from the first batch of exchange students to Utrecht University, the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga and Universitas Airlangga hopes to strengthen academic synergy whilst encouraging the expansion and exchange of information. Strengthening UNAIR’s ground on producing world-class students with both academic excellence and integrated morality.