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Having such opportunity for studying abroad in one of the best university in the world has never come to her mind before. As we all know, the process that is needed to go through is not always easy. There are a lot of struggles and hurdles that will be faced by her. But here she is, getting a chance to join a summer program in Seoul National University, the most prestigious campus in South Korea.

Before we jump into the explanation about what did she get from this experience, she wants to let you know that one of the benefit of being a student of Airlangga University is she could get information regarding exchange program through an official organization called AGE (Airlangga Global Engagement). From their official Instagram account, she got the inspiration for searching a summer program in one of her dream country, South Korea.

Basically, Seoul National University International Summer Program (SNU ISP) is a 5 weeks program organized by Seoul National University. Here we could get a chance to study in SNU. They provides various courses ranging from politic, engineering, science, public health, art, history, and Korean language as well. Just like the normal college life, we also need to undergo exams and get assignments. But the different is we are given a chance to visit various famous and historical places in South Korea such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Insadong Street, Everland, Demilitarized Zone, and so on.

In this program, the writer choose 2 courses which are Functional Nutrients and Disease Prevention and Korean Language. She decided to choose Functional Nutrients because she wanted to review what she had learned in the previous semester and gaining new knowledge as well. And she choose Korean Language course since she has a high interest to learn a new language. The professors were so amazing. They could teach the students really well and they could make the atmosphere of the class become fun and exciting. Since most of the classes were held offline, she had an opportunity to experience studying in SNU campus. The infrastructures were so fancy. Other than that, the writer could widen her relation worldwide. She got many friends from various different countries. By having different background and cultures, she and her friend could share and learn many things. She could also hone her English and Korean skills by interacting with the natives.

Of course she was scared at first, as she was the only student from Indonesia. But since she was surrounded by a supportive and safe environment, she was able to enjoy her process there. She met new people, new culture, new knowledge, as well as a new experience which clearly become an unforgettable one in her life.

She hope that if there is any other student who ever felt like her or his dream is too big, they could still try to pursue it even if it is seems impossible right now. Everything is possible, all you have to do is pray, work, and wait for the results.(Fairuz)

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